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humidify to add vaporized moisture to; make humid.
humidistat a device, usu. on a humidifier or dehumidifier, that measures or regulates the relative humidity in the air.
humidity dampness or moistness, as of the atmosphere. [2 definitions]
humidor a container or room used to store cigars or tobacco at the proper level of humidity.
humiliate to cause (someone) to lose pride or feel disgraced; embarrass; mortify.
humiliating causing feelings of shame, disgrace, or deep embarrassment.
humiliation the act of humiliating. [2 definitions]
humility the quality or state of being humble; modesty about one's status or accomplishments.
hummingbird any of numerous mostly tropical American birds that are usu. very small and have long slender bills, narrow wings that beat very rapidly, and bright-colored, iridescent plumage.
hummock a low, rounded mound or knoll of earth, esp. in a low-lying marsh. [2 definitions]
hummus a Middle Eastern dish consisting of mashed chickpeas, garlic, and tahini, used esp. as a dip or spread.
humongous (slang) enormously large; great; of great extent.
humor a quality that evokes laughter or amusement. [5 definitions]
humoral of, concerning, or arising from any of the bodily fluids.
humoresque a light or whimsical musical composition.
humorist one who is esp. skilled and practiced in the use of humor in such activities as writing or acting. [2 definitions]
humorless combined form of humor.
humorous having the character or quality of humor; comical. [2 definitions]
humour a spelling of humor used in Canada and Britain. See humor for more information.
hump a rounded projection or bulge, esp. a fleshy one, as is found on the back of a camel or on the back of a person who has a spinal deformity. [6 definitions]
humpback a back that has a hump. [3 definitions]