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hypnotist a person who is skilled in the theory and practice of hypnosis as used for medical purposes or for entertainment.
hypnotize to induce a hypnotic state in. [3 definitions]
hypo1 sodium thiosulfate; hyposulfite.
hypo2 (informal) a hypodermic needle or injection. [3 definitions]
hypo- under; beneath. [2 definitions]
hypoallergenic unlikely to cause an allergic reaction.
hypoblast see endoderm.
hypocalcemia an abnormally low level of calcium in the blood.
hypochlorite a salt or ester of hypochlorous acid.
hypochlorous acid a weak acid found only in solution or in its salt form, used for oxidizing, bleaching, and disinfecting.
hypochondria a pathological preoccupation with the likelihood of becoming ill or with imagined pains or diseases.
hypochondriac of or relating to the condition of hypochondria. [3 definitions]
hypochondriasis in medicine or psychiatry, the preferred term for hypochondria.
hypochondrium either of the upper areas of the abdomen on the sides, near the lower ribs.
hypocotyl the stem that is below the primary leaf of a seedling plant.
hypocrisy the practice or an instance of stating or pretending to hold beliefs or principles that one does not actually live by; insincerity.
hypocrite one who states or pretends to hold beliefs or principles he or she does not actually practice.
hypocritical marked by, tending toward, or engaged in hypocrisy.
hypodermic characterized by injection or introduction under the skin; subcutaneous. [4 definitions]
hypodermic injection the injection of a substance, usu. a medicine or drug, into a vein, muscle, or tissue beneath the skin.
hypodermic syringe a piston syringe fitted to a hollow needle, used to inject a substance under the skin.