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ice field a large mass of floating sea ice, larger than an ice floe and usu. at least five miles wide. [2 definitions]
ice floe a piece of ice floating in the sea, ranging in size from very small to almost five miles across.
ice hockey see hockey.
icehouse a building for making, storing, or selling ice.
Iceland an island country in the North Atlantic near the Arctic Circle.
Icelandic of or pertaining to Iceland or its people, culture, language, or the like. [2 definitions]
iceless combined form of ice.
iceman a person who sells, stores, or delivers ice.
ice milk a kind of frozen dessert similar to ice cream but made with skim milk rather than cream.
ice pack see pack ice. [2 definitions]
ice pick a pointed metal tool used to chip or break ice into small pieces.
ice sheet a thick layer of ice covering a large area for an extended period of time.
ice shelf a thick layer of glacial ice that is frozen solid near shore but floats as it extends out to sea.
ice-skate to skate on ice.
ice skate a sturdy shoe or short boot with a sharp blade attached to the sole, used for skating on ice.
ice water a drink consisting of water and ice cubes or crushed ice.
I Ching an ancient Chinese book of divination that employs chance and is based on the idea that each moment in time is unique for each person; Book of Changes.
ichneumon a carnivorous mongoose, native to Egypt, that resembles a weasel. [2 definitions]
ichneumon fly any of various winged, wasplike insects whose larvae live as parasites in other insect larvae; ichneumon wasp.
ichor a watery, acrid discharge from an ulcer, wound, or the like. [2 definitions]
ichthyo- fish.