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-ical of or pertaining to; connected with; like. [2 definitions]
Icaria an island southwest of Samos in the Aegean Sea, which, according to Greek mythology, was named by Daedalus in honor of his son Icarus, whom he buried there.
Icarus in Greek mythology, the son of Daedalus who, in trying to escape with his father from Crete, flew too high with wax-and-feather wings, and fell to his death when the sun melted them.
ICBM abbreviation of "intercontinental ballistic missile."
ICC abbreviation of "Interstate Commerce Commission."
-ice state, condition, or quality.
ice water in a frozen, solid state. [12 definitions]
ice age any part of geological time when glaciers covered large parts of the earth; glacial epoch. [2 definitions]
ice bag a small waterproof bag that is filled with ice and applied to a part of the body to relieve swelling, pain, or the like; ice pack.
iceberg a large floating mass of ice that has broken from a glacier. [2 definitions]
iceberg lettuce a type of lettuce having a round, compact head of crisp light green leaves.
iceboat a boatlike vehicle, usu. powered by a sail, that can travel over ice on runners. [2 definitions]
icebound held fast by ice; frozen in. [2 definitions]
icebox a refrigerator. [2 definitions]
icebreaker a ship capable of breaking thick ice to allow passage. [2 definitions]
ice cap a large covering of glacial ice that spreads out in all directions from the center.
ice-cold extremely cold. [2 definitions]
ice cream a rich, sweet, frozen food made by churning cream and milk products to a smooth consistency while freezing, and often flavored.
ice cube one of the small, usually cube-shaped, pieces of ice made by freezing water in a divided tray, which may be added to drinks or packed around things to keep them cold; ice.
iced covered with a layer of ice. [3 definitions]
ice field a large mass of floating sea ice, larger than an ice floe and usu. at least five miles wide. [2 definitions]