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ill-spent not spent or used to good purpose; wasted.
ill-starred unlucky; ill-fated.
ill-timed done or happening at a wrong or inappropriate time; inopportune.
ill-treat to treat poorly; mistreat.
illuminance the intensity of light per unit of area on a surface exposed to light; illumination.
illuminant anything that illuminates or sheds light.
illuminate to provide or brighten with, or as if with, light; light up; make radiant. [5 definitions]
illuminati persons who are or claim to be specially enlightened, either intellectually or spiritually. [2 definitions]
illumination the act of illuminating or the state of being illuminated. [4 definitions]
illumine to illuminate.
ill-use to treat cruelly or badly; mistreat. [2 definitions]
illusion a fantasy or mistaken belief. [4 definitions]
illusionism in philosophy, the doctrine that the physical world is merely an illusion produced by the senses. [2 definitions]
illusionist a magician or other performer who creates perceptual illusions.
illusive of, pertaining to, or like an illusion; illusory.
illusory causing or being an illusion or illusions; unreal or deceptive.
illustrate to explain or clarify by giving examples or presenting a graphic representation. [3 definitions]
illustration a picture or drawing used to illustrate a book or other work, or such pictures collectively. [3 definitions]
illustrative serving as an illustration or example.
illustrator an artist who produces illustrations, as for books or advertisements.
illustrious highly renowned; celebrated; glorious.