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impassible not subject to feeling injury or pain. [2 definitions]
impassioned full of strong emotion; passionate.
impassive not having, showing, or responding to emotion; unfeeling, expressionless, or insensitive. [3 definitions]
impassivity the condition or quality of lacking or being unaffected by emotion.
impasto the thick application of paint on canvas, as in certain painting techniques, or the paint so applied.
impatience the quality or condition of lacking patience. [3 definitions]
impatiens a common flowering annual plant, related to the balsam and bearing small flat flowers in white or various shades of pink and red.
impatient unwilling to wait patiently or endure delay. [4 definitions]
impatiently with little willingness to wait or endure delay.
impeach in an appropriate tribunal, to accuse of or charge with misconduct of public office. [2 definitions]
impeachable combined form of impeach.
impeachment an act of impeaching, esp. the presentation of formal charges against a public official.
impeccable flawless or blameless; perfect. [2 definitions]
impecunious lacking funds; penniless.
impedance a measure of the total resistance of an electric circuit to an alternating current flow, usu. expressed in ohms.
impede to slow or block the movement or progress of; hinder.
impediment an obstacle or hindrance. [3 definitions]
impedimenta baggage, supplies, or other encumbrances that slow one's progress.
impel to drive or incite to action. [2 definitions]
impeller that which drives or sends forward. [2 definitions]
impend to be about to occur or appear. [2 definitions]