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impregnable2 capable of being impregnated or fertilized, as an egg.
impregnate to make (a female animal or human) pregnant, or to make (an egg) fertile. [2 definitions]
impresario one who sponsors, produces, or manages public entertainments or entertainers, esp. one who directs or arranges tours for an opera company. [2 definitions]
imprescriptible in law, not subject to legal acquisition through long use or possession.
impress1 to cause a strong or particular opinion or emotional feeling in. [7 definitions]
impress2 to force into military service, esp. sea duty.
impression a strong feeling or idea resulting from experience or perception. [5 definitions]
impressionable readily influenced; affected by suggestion; suggestible.
impressionism (often cap.) a style of painting, originating in France in the late nineteenth century, directed toward capturing the vitality of a subject through observing the play of colored light and shadow upon it and painting quickly, using short brush strokes and unmixed colors. [2 definitions]
impressive able to make a strong or lasting impact on the mind or emotions; striking.
imprimatur an official license to print or publish, esp. one issued by the Roman Catholic censor. [2 definitions]
imprint a mark or figure made by pressing or printing on a surface. [5 definitions]
imprinting in animal and human behavior, a period of rapid learning early in life that established permanent connections with other beings or objects, and thus determines certain patterns of behavior.
imprison to put or keep in a prison or other place of confinement. [2 definitions]
improbability the condition or state of being unlikely to occur. [2 definitions]
improbable unlikely to occur or to be true.
impromptu thought of, made, or done without plan, preparation, or practice; spontaneous or improvised. [3 definitions]
improper not suitable, applicable, or correct. [2 definitions]
improper fraction a fraction in which the denominator is smaller than the numerator.
impropriety the character or state of being incorrect, unsuitable, or indecent. [2 definitions]
improve to increase the quality or condition of; make better. [3 definitions]