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impression a strong feeling or idea resulting from experience or perception. [5 definitions]
impressionable readily influenced; affected by suggestion; suggestible.
impressionism (often cap.) a style of painting, originating in France in the late nineteenth century, directed toward capturing the vitality of a subject through observing the play of colored light and shadow upon it and painting quickly, using short brush strokes and unmixed colors. [2 definitions]
impressive able to make a strong or lasting impact on the mind or emotions; striking.
imprimatur an official license to print or publish, esp. one issued by the Roman Catholic censor. [2 definitions]
imprint a mark or figure made by pressing or printing on a surface. [5 definitions]
imprinting in animal and human behavior, a period of rapid learning early in life that established permanent connections with other beings or objects, and thus determines certain patterns of behavior.
imprison to put or keep in a prison or other place of confinement. [2 definitions]
improbability the condition or state of being unlikely to occur. [2 definitions]
improbable unlikely to occur or to be true.
impromptu thought of, made, or done without plan, preparation, or practice; spontaneous or improvised. [3 definitions]
improper not suitable, applicable, or correct. [2 definitions]
improper fraction a fraction in which the denominator is smaller than the numerator.
impropriety the character or state of being incorrect, unsuitable, or indecent. [2 definitions]
improve to increase the quality or condition of; make better. [3 definitions]
improved made better; of a higher quality.
improvement the act of improving or the state of being improved. [3 definitions]
improvident not providing for future needs; careless; wasteful.
improvisation the act of improvising, or something that has been improvised, esp. in music.
improvisational composed at the time of performance.
improvise to create or provide without preparation or practice, esp. in music, speech, or writing. [4 definitions]