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in full swing at the point of greatest intensity, activity, or momentum.
infuriate to cause fury in (someone); enrage.
infuriated extremely angry; filled with fury.
infuriating causing or tending to cause great irritation or anger.
infuse to introduce or inject, as if by pouring; instill (usu. fol. by "into"). [2 definitions]
infusible1 not able to be melted or fused.
infusible2 able to be infused.
infusion something added or introduced. [3 definitions]
infusorian any of a large number of microscopic organisms, such as protozoa, found in stagnant water or in infusions of decayed or decaying organic matter.
-ing1 used to form the present participle of verbs.
-ing2 activity, or an instance or result of (such) activity. [2 definitions]
in general not considering details that do not agree with the rule; usually; generally. [2 definitions]
ingenious having or showing cleverness or creativity, esp. in designing or in solving problems. [2 definitions]
ingénue an inexperienced or artless girl or the role of a such a girl in a dramatic presentation. [2 definitions]
ingenuity the quality or an instance of being ingenious; cleverness; creativity. [2 definitions]
ingenuous having or showing simplicity and lack of sophistication; artless. [2 definitions]
ingest to take in to the body through the mouth.
inglenook a corner, or a bench therein, for sitting by a recessed fireplace.
inglorious bringing shame or disgrace; shameful; dishonorable.
ingoing going in; entering.
ingot a mass of metal cast into a shape that makes it easily handled or stored, or the mold in which it is cast.