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insupportable not tolerable; unbearable. [2 definitions]
insurance a guarantee of protection against certain misfortunes that is provided by a company in return for payment of a fee. [3 definitions]
insure to guarantee against loss or harm, as with an insurance policy. [6 definitions]
insured someone protected by an insurance policy.
insurer someone or something that insures, esp. a person or company in the business of guaranteeing protection or compensation in case of loss or harm.
insurgence an insurrection; rebellion.
insurgency an armed rebellion against a government, usu. one's own. [2 definitions]
insurgent one who uses armed force to rebel against one's own government. [4 definitions]
insurmountable not capable of being conquered or overcome; not surmountable.
insurrection an act or instance of open rebellion against a government or other authority; uprising.
insusceptible not capable of being affected, as by disease or external influences; not susceptible.
in sync occurring, moving, or working together at the same time and rate; in unison; synchronized. [2 definitions]
intact remaining complete, whole, or undamaged; not changed or impaired.
intaglio a design that is carved into the surface of a hard substance, such as stone, or the process of carving such a design. [3 definitions]
intake the place at which a liquid or gas is taken into a pipe or other conduit. [3 definitions]
in tandem in single file. [2 definitions]
intangible incapable of being sensed by touch; not tangible. [3 definitions]
intarsia a decorative inlay, usu. a mosaic made of wood. [2 definitions]
in tears crying.
integer a positive or negative whole number or zero; a whole number as opposed to a fraction.
integral being an essential part of the whole. [3 definitions]