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induce to persuade or influence, as to a course of action. [4 definitions]
inducement the act or process of inducing. [2 definitions]
induct to install in an office or position, esp. through a formal ceremony. [3 definitions]
inductance a circuit or device, such as an induction coil, in which a change in the current generates an electromotive force. [2 definitions]
inductee one who has been inducted into military service.
inductile not easily bent or shaped.
induction the act or process of inducing. [3 definitions]
induction coil a transformer for converting an interrupted low-voltage direct current to an intermittent high-voltage alternating current, as in some automotive ignitions.
induction heating the induction of an electric current, through the application of an alternating magnetic field, to heat a conducting material.
inductive of, pertaining to, or using electrical or magnetic induction. [4 definitions]
inductor a device that generates an electromotive force in an electric circuit by electromagnetic induction; coil. [2 definitions]
indulge to yield to or gratify a desire, appetite, or whim (usu. fol. by "in"). [3 definitions]
indulgence the act of indulging. [5 definitions]
indulgent indulging or being inclined to indulge others' wishes rather than declining them, or rather than enforcing discipline or strictness in general. [2 definitions]
in duplicate in two identical copies.
indurate to make hard in texture; harden. [6 definitions]
induration the act or process of indurating. [4 definitions]
industrial of or pertaining to the production of goods and services by industry. [5 definitions]
industrial arts (used with a sing. verb) a course of study in a secondary or technical school that trains students to work with industrial tools and machinery.
industrialism economic or social organization based on mechanized industry.
industrialist one who owns or manages an industrial business; manufacturer.