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inflectional of, relating to, having, or marked by inflection.
inflexible not capable of being bent, or not easy to bend; rigid. [3 definitions]
inflict to strike or administer in a physical assault. [2 definitions]
infliction the act of inflicting, or the thing inflicted.
in-flight occurring or available during a flight.
inflorescence the appearance or coming forth of flowers; blossoming or blooming. [3 definitions]
inflow that which flows in; influx. [2 definitions]
influence the power or intangible action of one thing or person which brings about an effect on another. [4 definitions]
influenceable combined form of influence.
influential having authority or influence.
influenza an acute, contagious disease in various forms, caused by a virus in humans and in some animals and characterized by inflammation of the respiratory tract, irritation of the stomach, and fever; flu.
influx the act or an instance of flowing in. [2 definitions]
info shortened form of information.
infold to enfold or fold in.
infomercial a long commercial in the form of a television program.
inform to communicate knowledge to; tell. [4 definitions]
informal not formal or ceremonious; casual. [3 definitions]
informality the condition of being informal; lack of formality; casualness. [2 definitions]
informant one who gives information.
informatics a branch of science dealing with the storage and processing of data.
information knowledge or facts that come from investigation, observation, or study. [4 definitions]