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insurrection an act or instance of open rebellion against a government or other authority; uprising.
insusceptible not capable of being affected, as by disease or external influences; not susceptible.
in sync occurring, moving, or working together at the same time and rate; in unison; synchronized. [2 definitions]
intact remaining complete, whole, or undamaged; not changed or impaired.
intaglio a design that is carved into the surface of a hard substance, such as stone, or the process of carving such a design. [3 definitions]
intake the place at which a liquid or gas is taken into a pipe or other conduit. [3 definitions]
in tandem in single file. [2 definitions]
intangible incapable of being sensed by touch; not tangible. [3 definitions]
intarsia a decorative inlay, usu. a mosaic made of wood. [2 definitions]
in tears crying.
integer a positive or negative whole number or zero; a whole number as opposed to a fraction.
integral being an essential part of the whole. [3 definitions]
integral calculus the branch of mathematics that deals with the properties of integrals and their use in solving differential equations and determining areas, volumes, and equations of curves.
integrate to bring together and blend into a whole. [5 definitions]
integrated consisting of parts that have been blended into a harmonious whole. [2 definitions]
integrated circuit a complete electronic circuit, comprising circuit elements in a complex interconnection, imprinted or etched on a tiny chip of semiconductor material.
integration the process of bringing parts together into a whole. [3 definitions]
integrationist an advocate of racial integration.
integrity a strong sense of honesty and morality; firmness of moral and ethical character. [2 definitions]
integument something that covers, coats, or encloses, esp. a skin, membrane, coat, or other natural covering.
intellect the faculty of reasoning and understanding, esp. as distinct from emotion or will. [3 definitions]