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interpersonal existing or happening between persons. [2 definitions]
interplanetary existing, occurring, or functioning between planets.
interplay the action or influence of two or more things on each other; reciprocal effect. [2 definitions]
interpluvial combined form of pluvial.
interpoint combined form of point.
Interpol an international police organization that coordinates the police activities of member nations (acronym for "International Criminal Police Organization").
interpolate to insert (an additional or extraneous element) between things or parts. [4 definitions]
interpolation something inserted or added, esp. a piece of text. [2 definitions]
interpopulation combined form of population.
interpopulational combined form of populational.
interpose to place or insert between parts or things. [6 definitions]
interposition the act or an instance of interposing. [3 definitions]
interpret to determine or explain the meaning of. [6 definitions]
interpretable combined form of interpret.
interpretation the act or process of explaining or making clear the meaning of something. [4 definitions]
interpretative explanatory; informative. [4 definitions]
interprofessional combined form of professional.
interprovincial combined form of provincial.
interpsychic combined form of psychic.
interracial of, pertaining to, or involving people of different races.
interregional combined form of regional.