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intolerant unable or unwilling to accept the existence or validity of opinions, beliefs, customs, and practices different from one's own; not tolerant. [2 definitions]
intonation the pattern of changes in pitch of the speaking or singing voice. [3 definitions]
intone to speak or utter with a particular pitch pattern. [3 definitions]
into the bargain in addition; besides.
into thin air out of sight.
in toto (Latin) completely; in all; totally.
in touch together through communicating
in tow in one's charge or company. [2 definitions]
intoxicant that which intoxicates, esp. an alcoholic beverage. [2 definitions]
intoxicate to cause to experience any of a number of temporary conditions ranging from giddiness to stupor, by means of alcohol or drugs. [3 definitions]
intoxicated experiencing or exhibiting the effects of having drunk alcohol; tipsy or drunk. [2 definitions]
intoxication the state of being intoxicated; drunkenness. [3 definitions]
intr. abbreviation of "intransitive."
intra- within; inside.
intracellular inside a cell or cells.
intracranial existing or occurring within the skull.
intractable not easily controlled, managed, or persuaded. [3 definitions]
intrados the inner curve or surface of an arch or archlike structure.
intramural within the walls or confines, esp. of a school or other institution.
intramuscular within or into a muscle.
intransigence refusal to alter one's ideas or position in response to the wishes of others.