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intrauterine device a small plastic or stainless steel coil or similar object inserted into the uterus to prevent conception; IUD.
intravenous existing within or entering through a vein or veins.
intrench entrench.
intrepid feeling or showing no fear; courageous; bold.
intricacy the state of being complex and involved in construction or aspect. [2 definitions]
intricate having many complexly interrelated parts, angles, or aspects; involved; elaborate.
intrigue to strongly draw the interest of; puzzle; fascinate. [7 definitions]
intrinsic being essential to or of the nature of a thing; inherent.
intrinsic factor a substance secreted by the stomach that promotes the body's ability to absorb vitamin B12.
intro- inward; into; in.
introduce to present (a person) to one or more people. [6 definitions]
introduction the act or process of introducing. [5 definitions]
introductory serving to introduce.
introit the beginning of the Roman Catholic mass, consisting of a psalm or hymn, and antiphon. [2 definitions]
intromit to allow, cause, or assist to enter; introduce; admit.
introrse in botany, facing inward; turned toward the center. (Cf. extrorse.)
introspect to examine or consider one's own thoughts, feelings, and sensations.
introspection examination of one's own thoughts, emotions, and sensations; self-scrutiny.
introspective looking inward and examining one's own thoughts or feelings, or tending to do so.
introversion the tendency to pay more attention to oneself than to others or the external world. (Cf. extraversion.)
introvert someone who tends to pay more attention to his or her own thoughts and feelings than to other people or subjects. (Cf. extrovert.) [4 definitions]