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in vivo happening within a living organism.
invocation the act or process of invoking, esp. of calling out to a god, muse, or the like, for help, support, or inspiration. [4 definitions]
invoice a detailed statement of goods sold or shipped or of services provided, including their prices or charges. [2 definitions]
invoke to call out to (a god, muse, or the like) for help, support, protection, or inspiration. [4 definitions]
involucre a ring of small leaves or leaflike parts at the base of a flower or flower cluster of a composite plant. [2 definitions]
involuntary not determined by choice, will, or desire. [2 definitions]
involute complex or involved. [4 definitions]
involution the act or an instance of entangling or enfolding. [4 definitions]
involve to include as a necessary or inevitable part, condition, or result. [6 definitions]
involved complex; intricate. [2 definitions]
involvement the state or condition of being involved.
invulnerable secure from attack; impregnable. [2 definitions]
inward in or toward the inside or center. [9 definitions]
inwardly on, in, or toward the inside. [2 definitions]
inwardness the state or quality of being inward or internal. [4 definitions]
inweave to weave in or with.
inwrap enwrap.
inwrought worked or woven in, as a pattern in fabric.
Io in Greek mythology, a maiden whom Zeus loved, transformed into a heifer by Hera. [2 definitions]
iodide a chemical compound containing iodine.
iodine a highly reactive chemical element of the halogen group that has fifty-three protons in each nucleus and occurs naturally in compounds such as salts, and in pure form as a poisonous bluish black crystal. (symbol: I) [2 definitions]