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jailbird (informal) someone who is serving or has served time in jail; convict.
jailbreak a forcible escape from jail.
jailer one responsible for the maintenance and security of a jail.
Jain a believer in or supporter of Jainism. [2 definitions]
Jainism a dualistic Hindu religion founded in India in the sixth century B.C., emphasizing asceticism, teaching transmigration of the soul, and regarding the worship of the gods as spiritually unimportant.
Jakarta the seaport capital of Indonesia.
Jakob and Wilhelm Grimm German brothers who were folklorists and philologists (Jakob, b.1785--d.1863; Wilhelm, b.1786--d.1859).
jalap the dried root of any of several plants belonging to the morning-glory family, used as a purgative. [2 definitions]
jalapeņo a very hot Mexican pepper, now widely cultivated.
jalopy (informal) an old automobile in poor condition.
jalousie a shutter, blind, or window with overlapping horizontal slats that can be tilted to admit more or less light or air.
jam1 to force or pack tightly into a small space. [12 definitions]
jam2 a sweet spread usu. made by cooking crushed fruit and sugar.
Jamaica an island country in the West Indies south of Cuba.
Jamaica rum a dark, pungent, full-bodied rum made in Jamaica.
jamb the side, or side frame, of a door or window opening.
jambalaya a Creole dish of rice cooked with ham, chicken, shrimp, oysters, and the like, and seasoned with herbs and spices.
jamboree (informal) a noisy or enthusiastic party or celebration. [2 definitions]
James according to the New Testament, one of the twelve Apostles of Jesus Christ. [3 definitions]
James Joyce an Irish author (b.1882--d.1941).
James Watt a Scottish engineer and inventor of the steam engine (b.1736--d.1819).