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Jewish of or pertaining to Jews, their customs, or their religion. [2 definitions]
Jewish calendar a lunisolar calendar that is used by the Jews to calculate holidays, is reckoned from 3761 B.C., and has twelve months in most years and another month added about every three years.
Jewry the Jewish people collectively. [2 definitions]
jew's-harp a small, metal, lyre-shaped musical instrument that is held between the teeth and played by plucking the protruding end of its flexible steel tongue.
Jezebel according to the Old Testament, the wicked wife of King Ahab of Israel. [2 definitions]
jg abbreviation of "junior grade."
jiao an intermediate monetary unit of the People's Republic of China, equaling ten fen. (Cf. yuan.)
jib1 any of various triangular sails, usu. in the foresection of a sailing vessel. [2 definitions]
jib2 to shift (a sail) from one side to the other while sailing before the wind; jibe.
jib3 the boom of a derrick or crane.
jib boom a spar attached to and extending beyond the bowsprit of a sailing vessel, used to secure the jib or other headsail.
jibe1 to move a sail or boom to the other side while sailing before the wind. [4 definitions]
jibe2 variant of gibe.
jibe3 (informal) to be consistent or in agreement.
jiffy (informal) a very short time; instant.
jig1 a device used to hold material being cut, tooled, or the like, or to guide a tool. [4 definitions]
jig2 any of a number of fast, lively dances. [5 definitions]
jigger1 someone or something that jigs. [3 definitions]
jigger2 a chigger.
jiggermast the short mast in the stern of a ketch or yawl; mizzenmast. [2 definitions]
jiggle to move or cause to move jerkily up and down or back and forth. [2 definitions]