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jib2 to shift (a sail) from one side to the other while sailing before the wind; jibe.
jib3 the boom of a derrick or crane.
jib boom a spar attached to and extending beyond the bowsprit of a sailing vessel, used to secure the jib or other headsail.
jibe1 to move a sail or boom to the other side while sailing before the wind. [4 definitions]
jibe2 variant of gibe.
jibe3 (informal) to be consistent or in agreement.
jiffy (informal) a very short time; instant.
jig1 a device used to hold material being cut, tooled, or the like, or to guide a tool. [4 definitions]
jig2 any of a number of fast, lively dances. [5 definitions]
jigger1 someone or something that jigs. [3 definitions]
jigger2 a chigger.
jiggermast the short mast in the stern of a ketch or yawl; mizzenmast. [2 definitions]
jiggle to move or cause to move jerkily up and down or back and forth. [2 definitions]
jigsaw a usu. electrically powered saw that can be used to cut curved patterns or sharp corners. [3 definitions]
jigsaw puzzle a puzzle consisting of a picture or design, mounted on cardboard or wood, that has been cut into many small irregularly shaped and often interlocking pieces which must be put together to reassemble the picture.
jihad a holy war against enemies of Islam, undertaken by Muslims as a duty. [2 definitions]
jilt to break off relations with (a lover, fiancée, or the like) esp. without good cause.
Jim Crow (informal; sometimes l.c.) the systematic practice, historically, of discriminating against or segregating blacks in the United States.
Jim-Crow (informal; sometimes l.c.) favoring or promoting discrimination against or the segregation of blacks in the United States. [2 definitions]
jim-dandy (informal) excellent, pleasing, or of high quality. [2 definitions]
Jimmies trademark for small chocolate sprinkles eaten esp. on ice cream.