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job lot a large quantity of assorted goods, usu. sold or handled as a single transaction. [2 definitions]
Job's-tears (used with a sing. verb) an annual tropical grass that bears hard, beadlike seeds containing edible grains.
jock1 (informal) someone employed to ride horses in races; jockey.
jock2 a jockstrap. [2 definitions]
jockey someone employed to ride horses in races. [6 definitions]
jockstrap an elastic strap with a pouch to support a male's genitals during athletic activities; athletic supporter.
jocose inclined to joke; jovial; merry. [2 definitions]
jocular jovial or inclined to joke; merry. [2 definitions]
jocund merry or cheerful in manner or appearance; jovial.
jodhpurs trousers that are baggy at the hips but tight below the knees, often worn for riding horses.
joey the young of a kangaroo.
jog1 to move or jar slightly; nudge. [9 definitions]
jog2 a sudden turn or bend. [3 definitions]
joggle to move back and forth rapidly but gently; shake. [3 definitions]
jog trot a slow, regular, jolting gait, esp. of a horse.
Johannesburg a city in the country of South Africa, and one of the largest cities on the continent of Africa.
Johannes Kepler a German astronomer and mathematician (b.1571--d.1630).
Johann Goethe a German author (b.1749--d.1832).
Johann Gutenberg a German printer considered to be the inventor of the system of printing with movable type (b.1400?--d.1468?).
Johann Sebastian Bach a German composer and organist (b.1685--d.1750).
John according to the New Testament, one of the twelve Apostles of Jesus Christ, one of the four evangelists, and the probable author of the fourth Gospel, the Book of Revelation, and three Epistles. [5 definitions]