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Judges a book of the Old Testament that relates the history of the Jews between the death of Joshua and the birth of Samuel.
judgment the act of judging. [5 definitions]
judgmental tending to form disapproving opinions of others
Judgment Day in Christian theology, the day of God's last judgment; day of reckoning; doomsday.
judicatory of or pertaining to judging or justice, as in the legal system. [2 definitions]
judicature the administration of justice by courts or judges. [3 definitions]
judicial of, concerning, or appropriate to judges, courts of law, or the administration of justice. [3 definitions]
judicial activism judicial practice based on the belief that courts may play a role in the creation of new policy by broadly interpreting and reinterpreting the language of the Constitution and other laws when doing so best enables the service of justice.
judicial restraint judicial practice based on the belief that courts should not influence the creation of new policy or laws and that they should only interfere with the laws of the legislature when they are deemed clearly unconstitutional.
judicial review the power of a court to review the constitutionality of laws and governmental actions, or the practice of doing so.
judiciary of or concerning judges, courts of law, or the administration of justice. [4 definitions]
judicious characterized by or using sound judgment; wise; prudent.
judo the sport or discipline of fighting without weapons, based on jujitsu but prohibiting harmful blows or throws.
jug a container for liquid that usu. has a handle and a narrow spout. [7 definitions]
jugate in biology, joined in pairs.
jug band a small musical group that includes unconventional or makeshift instruments such as kazoos, washboards, and empty jugs.
juggernaut any large, overwhelming force, group, or object. [2 definitions]
juggle to keep (two or more objects) in motion in the air by alternately tossing and catching them. [8 definitions]
juggler one who performs feats of juggling. [2 definitions]
jugular of or pertaining to the neck, esp. the large veins in the neck. [2 definitions]
jugular vein one of two large veins in the neck that carry blood from the head to the heart.