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jury a body of persons summoned to a court of law who are sworn to hear evidence and give a true verdict in a case. [2 definitions]
jury-rig to assemble or put into place in a makeshift way, or for temporary use, as on a vessel.
jus sanguinis the legal principle that a child is a citizen of the country of his or her parents' citizenship.
jus soli the legal principle that a child is a citizen of the country in which he or she is born.
just fair, equitable, and honest. [12 definitions]
just about practically; almost; nearly.
justice the principle or quality of equity; moral rightness. [5 definitions]
justice of the peace the lowest level of magistrate in some U. S. states, whose jurisdiction is usu. part of a county and whose duties include administering oaths, performing marriages, and trying minor cases.
justifiable capable of being defended or explained.
justification something that explains, justifies, or defends, as an explanation or supporting evidence. [2 definitions]
justified made reasonable or excusable by demonstrated facts; warranted. [2 definitions]
justify to demonstrate (something) to be true or valid. [5 definitions]
justly with justice or fairness. [2 definitions]
justness the quality of being just or right. [2 definitions]
jut to project or extend sharply outward; protrude (often fol. by "out"). [2 definitions]
jute a coarse, strong fiber taken from any of a variety of plants native to the East Indies, used to make twine, burlap, and the like. [2 definitions]
juvenescent becoming youthful or young.
juvenile not yet having attained maturity; not adult; young. [4 definitions]
juvenile court a law court with jurisdiction over cases involving children under a specified age, usu. eighteen years.
juvenile delinquency antisocial or criminal behavior by a juvenile person, which often warrants legal action.
juvenilia artistic or written works produced in youth, esp. by artists and writers who have later become famous. [2 definitions]