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Kali a Hindu goddess of life and death.
Kalmuck a member of a Buddhist Mongol tribe of northwestern China and the lower Volga River region. [2 definitions]
kalsomine see calcimine.
Kamasutra an ancient Hindu manual of sexual love.
kamikaze in the Japanese armed forces during World War II, a pilot whose mission was to crash his airplane against the target as a suicide bomb.
Kampala the capital of Uganda.
kampong a small Malay village or community.
Kampuchea the official name of Cambodia during a period of Vietnamese rule in the 197s and 1980s.
kana either of two Japanese syllabic scripts, katakana and hiragana, consisting of seventy-one characters each. (Cf. kanji.) [2 definitions]
Kanchenjunga the world's third highest mountain, located in the Himalayas on the border between India and Nepal.
kangaroo any of a group of large plant-eating marsupials of Australia and Tanzania, having powerful hind legs for jumping and a long, heavy tail used for balance.
kangaroo court an unauthorized court, such as one set up by prison inmates or strikers, that often disregards or parodies normal legal procedures.
kangaroo rat any of various long-tailed and long-legged jumping rodents of desert regions in Mexico and the western United States, or a similar one of Australia.
kanji the part of the Japanese writing system that uses characters derived from Chinese ideographs. (Cf. kana.) [2 definitions]
Kansas a Midwestern U.S. state between Missouri and Colorado. (abbr.: KS)
kaolin a very fine white clay used to make porcelain and finishes for paper and textiles.
kaon in physics, a meson that is positive, negative, or neutral and that is the product of a high-energy collision; K meson.
kaph the name of the eleventh letter of the Hebrew alphabet.
kapok the silky, fibrous down in the seeds of various tropical trees, used for insulation and padding.
Kaposi's sarcoma a cancer of connective tissue that is marked by painless external lesions and sometimes affects internal organs, occurring in esp. serious form among people with AIDS.
kappa1 the name of the tenth letter of the Greek alphabet.