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kicker a person or thing that kicks. [3 definitions]
kickoff in football, a place kick that puts the ball into motion and signals the beginning or resumption of the game. [2 definitions]
kick off (informal) to start. [2 definitions]
kick out (informal) to expel or oust someone.
kick pleat a double pleat with the edges folded toward each other, as at the bottom of a skirt.
kickstand a metal bar located between the wheels of a motorcycle, bicycle, or the like that swings down to balance the vehicle when it is stationary.
kick the bucket (slang, sometimes offensive) of a person, to die.
kick the habit to rid oneself of an addiction.
kickup (informal) a noisy quarrel or disturbance; fuss.
kick up one's heels to have a merry time, as in celebration.
kick upstairs (informal) to promote to a seemingly higher-level job having less responsibility, so as to both flatter and dispose of (someone).
kid1 (informal) a child or young person. [3 definitions]
kid2 (informal) to tease or joke. [3 definitions]
Kiddush (Hebrew) a prayer recited over wine and bread on the eve of a Sabbath or a festival.
kiddy (informal) a child.
kid gloves soft, smooth gloves made of kidskin.
kidnap to capture and hold (someone) hostage until specified demands, as for money, are met.
kidney either of a pair of organs located high in the abdominal cavity near the spine which extract waste products from the blood and excrete them in urine. [2 definitions]
kidney bean a common garden bean cultivated for its red, edible seed, or the kidney-shaped seed itself.
kidney stone an abnormal mass of hard mineral deposits that forms in the kidney.
kidskin soft leather made from the skins of young goats.