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kingdom a country that is ruled by a king or queen. [3 definitions]
kingfish any of several large marine food fish, related to drum, that are found in warm Atlantic Ocean waters. [2 definitions]
kingfisher any of numerous birds that eat fish or insects and have large strong bills, bright plumage, and usu. crested heads.
King James Version the English version of the Bible published in 1611 under the authorization of King James I; Authorized Version.
King Lear the title character and protagonist of a tragedy by William Shakespeare.
kinglet any of several small songbirds of North America and Europe with a brightly colored crown or crest.
kingly having the authority and rank of a king. [3 definitions]
kingmaker a person who is powerful enough to select, or influence the selection of, a political candidate or ruler.
kingpin the frontmost or central pin in a grouping of bowling pins. [3 definitions]
king post in carpentry, a supporting vertical post between the apex of a triangular truss and the horizontal tie beam. (Cf. queen post.)
Kings either of two books of the Old Testament that tell of the Jewish kings who reigned after David.
king salmon see chinook salmon.
King's Birthday in the UK and much of the Commonwealth, a public holiday on the second Saturday in June to officially celebrate the monarch's birthday when the monarch is a king.
kingship the position, power, dominion, or dignity of a king. [3 definitions]
king-size larger than the usual size. [2 definitions]
kingsnake any of several nonvenomous snakes of the New World that have yellow or red markings and feed mainly on rodents.
Kingston the seaport capital of Jamaica.
Kingstown the capital of St. Vincent.
kingwood the hard, fine-textured, purplish brown wood of a Brazilian tree, used in cabinetmaking.
kinin a hormone in the body that lowers blood pressure, causes smooth muscles to contract, increases permeability of blood vessels, and the like.
kink a short, tight curl or twist, as in a wire, hose, or hair. [5 definitions]