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klavern a local unit of the Ku Klux Klan.
Klaxon trademark for a loud electric horn.
Kleenex trademark for a soft fluffy tissue paper dispensed in individually folded, layered units and used in place of a handkerchief. [2 definitions]
kleptomania a compulsion to steal, or the psychological disorder that causes such a compulsion.
kleptomaniac a person who has a psychological disorder that impels him or her to steal.
klieg light a powerful, bright arc light used esp. to light the sets for motion pictures.
Klinefelter's syndrome a congenital disorder that causes sterility in males, caused by an extra X chromosome.
klipspringer a small African mountain antelope.
kludge (slang) a clumsy, but successful, computer system improvised by combining unlikely parts.
klutz (slang) a clumsy person. [2 definitions]
km abbreviation of "kilometer," or "kilometers," a unit of length equal to one thousand meters or 0.621 mile.
knack an innate talent; facility. [2 definitions]
knackwurst a short, thick, highly seasoned sausage that is shaped like a frankfurter.
knapsack a carrying bag worn on the back and made of leather, canvas, nylon, or the like.
knar a lump or knot on a tree or in wood.
knave an unscrupulous person; evildoer. [2 definitions]
knavery an act or behavior characteristic of a knave; dishonest dealing; trickery.
knavish characteristic of a knave; dishonest or tricky.
knead to mix by pressing, folding, and pulling, esp. with the hands. [2 definitions]
kneadable combined form of knead.
knee the joint between the upper and lower portions of the human leg. [4 definitions]