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knot2 either of two species of large sandpipers.
knotgrass any of several weeds of the buckwheat family, growing low to the ground and bearing small flowers.
knothole a hole in a piece of lumber from which a knot has come out.
knotted tied in or made with knots. [3 definitions]
knotty difficult to understand or solve; complex; intricate. [2 definitions]
knotty pine pine wood with many knots, used esp. for paneling and furniture.
knout a leather whip formerly used to flog criminals or or other captives. [2 definitions]
knouter someone who beats criminals or captives with a leather whip, or knout.
know perceive directly or be aware of something through learning or observation. [7 definitions]
knowable capable of being understood or known.
know-how (informal) the specialized knowledge needed to perform a certain task.
knowing having knowledge or understanding. [4 definitions]
know-it-all (informal) a person who acts as if he or she knows almost everything.
knowledge familiarity, awareness, or understanding. [4 definitions]
knowledgeable having knowledge; informed.
known past participle of know. [3 definitions]
know-nothing an uninformed, ignorant person; ignoramus. [2 definitions]
known quantity (informal) a person, thing, attribute, or the like that is considered to be familiar or accepted. [2 definitions]
know of to be aware of; have heard about.
know the ropes (informal) to be or become acquainted with the techniques or procedures pertinent to a particular situation, organization, or the like.
know which side one's bread is buttered on to be very aware of what is advantageous to one.