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laboratory a place designed for scientific investigation and experimentation. [4 definitions]
Labor Day the first Monday in September, a legal holiday observed in Canada and the United States to honor the labor of working people.
labored produced with difficulty or effort. [2 definitions]
laborer one who labors. [2 definitions]
labor-intensive requiring a relatively large amount of labor and a small amount of capital.
laborious requiring considerable effort or perseverance. [3 definitions]
laborite (sometimes cap.) a member or supporter of a labor union, a labor movement, or apro-labor group or political party.
labor of love a task or kind of work that one does out of altruism or interest, rather than for financial gain.
labor party (sometimes cap.) a political party that advances the causes of labor or is controlled by labor unions.
labor-saving decreasing the physical labor or number of workers required.
labor union an organization of workers that promotes and protects the interests of its members in issues such as wages and working conditions, esp. through negotiations with employers.
labour a spelling of "labor" used in Canada and Britain. See "labor" for more information.
Labourite a member or supporter of the Labour party in Great Britain.
Labour party a political party in Great Britain that supports the interests of labor and advocates social reforms.
Labrador a very large peninsula in eastern Canada that contains portions of the province of Quebec as well as the continental region of the province of Newfoundland and Labrador. [3 definitions]
Labrador Current a cold ocean current that flows south past Labrador and then divides into eastern and western branches.
Labrador retriever any of a breed of medium-sized retriever, originating in Newfoundland, with a short coat and a tapering tail.
labrum a lip or liplike structure, esp. the front or upper lip of an arthropod. [2 definitions]
laburnum any of several ornamental trees or shrubs bearing hanging clusters of yellow flowers.
labyrinth an intricate network of pathways or passageways intended to confuse the person or animal that navigates it; maze. [3 definitions]
labyrinthine of, resembling, or forming a labyrinth. [2 definitions]