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Laertes in Greek mythology, king of Ithaca and, in certain myths, father of Odysseus.
laetrile a drug made of substances from almond seeds and apricot or peach pits, used to treat some types of cancer but banned by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.
Laffer Curve a graph illustrating the theory that increasing taxes results in increased government revenue only up to a certain point, after which further tax increases discourage production and investment.
lag to fall behind an established or expected pace (often fol. by "behind"). [6 definitions]
lag bolt see lag screw.
lager a light, carbonated beer that is stored from six weeks to six months to permit sedimentation.
laggard someone or something that lags. [2 definitions]
laggardly slowly or belatedly; in the way of a laggard. [2 definitions]
lagging thermal insulation that is wrapped around pipes, boilers, and the like. [3 definitions]
lagniappe an extra gift, bonus, or tip.
lagomorph any of an order of plant-eating mammals, including rabbits, hares, and pikas, having short tails and two pairs of upper incisors.
lagoon a shallow, saltwater area by the sea but separated from it by sandbars or by coral reefs or islands. [3 definitions]
Lagos the seaport capital of Nigeria.
lag screw a heavy wood screw with a hexagonal or square bolt head that is turned by a wrench.
lahar a mudflow down the side of a volcano, or the deposit left by such a mudflow.
laic of or pertaining to the laity; lay; secular. [2 definitions]
laicism secular or nonclerical control of social or political institutions.
laicize to remove religious influence or control from; secularize. [2 definitions]
laid past tense and past participle of lay1.
laid-back (informal) relaxed, unhurried, or casual.
laid paper paper that is watermarked with evenly spaced parallel lines.