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laggardly slowly or belatedly; in the way of a laggard. [2 definitions]
lagging thermal insulation that is wrapped around pipes, boilers, and the like. [3 definitions]
lagniappe an extra gift, bonus, or tip.
lagomorph any of an order of plant-eating mammals, including rabbits, hares, and pikas, having short tails and two pairs of upper incisors.
lagoon a shallow, saltwater area by the sea but separated from it by sandbars or by coral reefs or islands. [3 definitions]
Lagos the seaport capital of Nigeria.
lag screw a heavy wood screw with a hexagonal or square bolt head that is turned by a wrench.
lahar a mudflow down the side of a volcano, or the deposit left by such a mudflow.
laic of or pertaining to the laity; lay; secular. [2 definitions]
laicism secular or nonclerical control of social or political institutions.
laicize to remove religious influence or control from; secularize. [2 definitions]
laid past tense and past participle of lay1.
laid-back (informal) relaxed, unhurried, or casual.
laid paper paper that is watermarked with evenly spaced parallel lines.
lain past participle of lie2.
lair a wild animal's shelter; den. [2 definitions]
laird someone, esp. a wealthy person, who owns land or an estate in Scotland.
laissez faire an economic policy or doctrine that opposes government interference in or regulation of business or commerce beyond what is necessary for a free-enterprise system to regulate itself. [2 definitions]
laissez-passer allow to pass (French); a permit or pass, esp. one used in place of a passport.
laity the body of lay members of a religious group, as distinct from the clergy. [2 definitions]
lake a large, standing body of fresh or salt water that is surrounded on all sides by land.