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lamentable deserving to be lamented; deplorable; unfortunate; disappointing.
lamentation an act or instance of expressing grief or sorrow. [2 definitions]
lamented mourned or grieved for, as a dead person.
lamina a thin plate, scale, or sheet, esp. the top layer of several. [2 definitions]
laminar flow the regular and non-turbulent movement of a layer of liquid near a solid boundary. (Cf. turbulent flow.)
laminate to separate into thin layers. [6 definitions]
laminated composed of or compressed from thin layers, often bonded together. [2 definitions]
lamp a device that provides an artificial source of light. [3 definitions]
lampblack a fine gray or black carbon pigment made from incompletely burned substances and used in colorings, matches, lubricants, and other products.
lamper eel a lamprey.
lampion a small oil lamp, usu. with a colored glass chimney, formerly used as a light on carriages.
lamplight the light or glow produced by a lamp.
lamplighter a person formerly employed to light and extinguish gas street lights. [2 definitions]
lampoon an attack through ridicule, as in an essay, cartoon, or comedy; satire. [2 definitions]
lamppost a post that supports a lamp, esp. a street lamp.
lamprey any of various eel-like fish, found in fresh and salt water, with a jawless, sucking mouth with which it attaches itself to other fish and sucks their blood; lamprey eel.
lampshade a device placed over or around a lamp for the purpose of diffusing, reflecting, or reducing its light.
LAN abbreviation of "Local Area Network," a group of computers, such as work stations in a business, connected with each other by their own data communications network that allows sharing of devices and data within a limited area.
lanai (Hawaiian) a roofed porch or patio.
lance a spearlike weapon with a long shaft and pointed metal head, used by mounted troops. [3 definitions]
Lance Armstrong U.S. professional cyclist, and seven-time winner of the Tour de France (b.1971).