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landform any of the earth's topographic features, such as a hill or valley, that have been formed by natural forces of movement, erosion, or the like.
land-grabber a person who uses unfair or fraudulent tactics to gain possession of land.
land grant a tract of public land given by a government for a highway, state college, railroad, or the like.
land-grant of or pertaining to any of a number of U.S. colleges and universities originally given government land in return for offering instruction in agriculture and the mechanical arts, now funded by their respective states with federal supplements.
landgrave a medieval German count having jurisdiction over a large territory. [2 definitions]
landgravine the wife of a landgrave.
landholder one who owns, occupies, or holds rights to a piece of land.
landing the act of one that lands. [3 definitions]
landing craft any of various flat-bottomed boats designed to bring soldiers and equipment close to shore during amphibious assaults.
landing field an area of land cleared, leveled, and sometimes surfaced to allow aircraft to land and take off; airstrip.
landing gear the wheels or pontoons of an aircraft designed to enable it to move on land or water when not airborne.
landing net a small bag-shaped net attached to a handle, used to scoop a hooked fish from the water.
landing strip a runway, esp. one constructed in a remote area and lacking airport facilities.
landlady a woman who rents property to others. [2 definitions]
landless not owning or having any land.
landline a telephone or other telecommunications device that is connected to the public network by a wire cable, or a telephone service connected by such cables. [2 definitions]
landlocked lacking access to the sea, as some smaller bodies of water or a country whose shipping must cross other countries in order to reach a seaport. [2 definitions]
landlord a man or woman who rents property to others. [2 definitions]
landlubber one who is not familiar with the sea or experienced in seamanship.
landmark a feature of the landscape that serves as a point of reference, a guide for travelers, or a boundary marker. [5 definitions]
landmass a large body of land such as a continent or subcontinent.