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lanyard a short rope or wire used to fasten or tauten gear or rigging on a ship. [4 definitions]
Laos a Southeast Asian country between Vietnam and Thailand.
Lao Tzu a Chinese philosopher considered to be the founder of Taoism (about the sixth century B.C.).
lap1 the front of the human body from the waist to the knees when one is in a sitting position, or the portion of one's clothing that covers this part of the body. [2 definitions]
lap2 to fold over, or enfold in. [10 definitions]
lap3 to lightly splash or slap against. [6 definitions]
laparoscope a medical instrument, inserted in the abdomen by surgery, that is used for viewing the abdominal or pelvic organs.
La Paz the seat of the Bolivian government. (Cf. Sucre.)
lapboard a thin board held on the lap for use as a writing surface.
lap dissolve a film and television technique in which one image fades away at the same time as another becomes stronger.
lap dog a small dog kept as a pet.
lapel an extension of a collar down the front of the chest and folded back toward it over the front of the garment.
lapful as much or many as can be held on a lap.
lapidary one whose work is to cut, polish, or engrave gemstones, or the work itself. [5 definitions]
lapin a rabbit or its fur, esp. as prepared for wear as clothing.
lapis lazuli an opaque blue stone used as a semiprecious gem and in pigment. [2 definitions]
lap joint a joint, as of wooden pieces, in which two ends are partially trimmed and then fastened to form a flush surface.
Lapland a region in the northern part of Scandinavia and the northwestern tip of Russia that is inhabited mainly by Lapps.
Lapp a member of the Finnic people that inhabits Lapland. [2 definitions]
lappet a small loose flap or fold of cloth on a garment or head covering. [2 definitions]
lap robe a small blanket used to cover a person's lap and legs, as while watching outdoor sports.