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Latakia a variety of aromatic Turkish smoking tobacco.
latch a fastening or lock, as for a door, with a bar or bolt that falls or slides into a catch, slot, or hole. [2 definitions]
latchkey a key that releases a latch, esp. on an outer door or gate. [2 definitions]
latch onto (informal) to fasten oneself to. [2 definitions]
latchstring a string attached to a latch and passed through a hole in a door, allowing the latch to be opened from the outside.
late happening or arriving after the usual or expected time. [7 definitions]
late bloomer one who achieves maturity, proficiency, or the like at a more advanced age than is considered normal or usual.
latecomer one who arrives late.
lateen of or designating a triangular sail that is hung on a long, sloping yard, which is in turn attached at an angle to a short mast. [2 definitions]
Late Greek the Greek language between the third and sixth centuries, esp. in patristic literature.
Late Latin the Latin language between the third and sixth centuries, esp. in patristic literature.
lately recently.
latency the state or condition of being latent.
latent present but not yet apparent, developed, or operative.
Late Precambrian see Algonkian.
later comparative of late. [3 definitions]
lateral of, from, pertaining to, or in the direction of a side or sides. [4 definitions]
lateral pass in football, a sideways or backward pass.
latest superlative of late. [3 definitions]
latex the sticky, usu. milky sap of certain plants such as the rubber tree, that coagulates when exposed to air. [2 definitions]
lath a thin, narrow wooden strip usu. used to support plaster or roofing, or such strips collectively. [2 definitions]