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lecher one, esp. a man, who is excessively concerned with sexual pleasure and stimulation.
lecherous given to, characterized by, or inciting lechery; lustful.
lechery an act of or tendency toward excessive sexual indulgence. [2 definitions]
lecithin any of a group of fatty substances containing phosphorus that are found in all animal and plant tissues and in egg yolk. [2 definitions]
lectern a desk or stand with a slanted top to hold books, notes, or the like for a standing speaker or reader, as in a classroom or church.
lection a reading from the Bible given during a religious service, the text of which is particularly prescribed for the day; lesson.
lecture a formal instructional talk given in front of an audience. [4 definitions]
lecturer a person who gives lectures, esp. at a college or university.
LED abbreviation of "light-emitting diode," a semiconductor diode that emits light when electrified, used for displaying readings on electronic watches, calculators, and the like.
led past tense and past participle of lead1.
Leda in Greek mythology, a queen of Sparta to whom Zeus, in the form of a swan, made love.
lede the first sentence or a very brief introduction to a journalistic piece intended to draw in the reader.
lederhosen short leather pants with suspenders worn by men and boys in Bavaria and parts of the Alps.
ledge a narrow, flat, horizontal projection from a vertical surface, esp. from a wall, as at the bottom of a window. [3 definitions]
ledger a book used to record all of the financial transactions of a business, esp. as a final record of accounts.
ledger line a short line placed above or below a musical staff to accommodate notes beyond the range of the staff.
lee the side that faces away from the wind. [3 definitions]
leech any of various primarily aquatic bloodsucking or carnivorous worms, one species of which was formerly used medicinally to bleed patients. [4 definitions]
leek a plant related to the onion that has broad green leaves and a fleshy, white, cylindrical bulb.
leer to give a sideways or nasty look or smile suggestive of malicious or sexual thoughts. [2 definitions]
leery suspicious or mistrustful; wary (usu. fol. by "of").