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liner1 a commercial ship or airplane, esp. one carrying passengers on a regular route. [3 definitions]
liner2 a protective inner or outer lining or cover, often removable. [2 definitions]
linesman in sports such as tennis and football, an official who assists the referee, as by observing particular violations. [2 definitions]
lineup an arrangement of people or things in a line or row, as for identification or inspection. [4 definitions]
line up to form a line, one person after the other.
-ling one connected with. [3 definitions]
ling1 any of various edible marine fishes that resemble the cod.
ling2 heather.
Lingala a Bantu language used as a common language in Za´re.
linger to remain, or to be slow to leave. [5 definitions]
lingerie women's intimate clothing, such as underwear or nightwear.
lingo language that is specialized or hard for outsiders to understand, such as a foreign language or the terms of a particular trade, study, or profession.
lingua franca a hybrid language made up of elements of Italian, Spanish, French, Greek, Arabic, and Turkish, spoken in certain Mediterranean port areas. [2 definitions]
lingual of, concerning, or resembling the tongue. [4 definitions]
linguine pasta in long, thin, flat strips.
linguist a person who is fluent in several languages. [2 definitions]
linguistic of or pertaining to language or linguistics.
linguistic atlas a collection of maps recording the geographical distribution of linguistic forms and usages.
linguistics (used with a sing. verb) the scientific and historical study of the form and structure of human language.
liniment a liquid medication rubbed on the skin to relieve aches or bruises.
lining1 a layer of tissue or other material covering the inside of something. [2 definitions]