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litigate to make the subject of legal proceedings; contest in a court of law. [2 definitions]
litigation the act of litigating; lawsuit.
litigious of or relating to litigation. [3 definitions]
litmus a powder derived from lichens that turns blue in alkaline solutions and red in acid solutions, used as an indicator.
litmus paper a small strip of white paper treated with litmus, used in chemistry as an indicator of acidity and alkalinity.
litmus test a procedure in which litmus paper is dipped into a solution to determine whether it is an acid or a base. [2 definitions]
litotes in rhetoric, an understatement, esp. one expressed by a negation of an affirmative, as in "not the worst book I ever read".
Litt. D. abbreviation of "litterarum doctor" (Latin); Doctor of Letters, or Doctor of Literature.
litter a disorderly scatter of objects, esp. waste materials. [11 definitions]
littérateur a writer of literature or a literary person.
litterbug someone who scatters waste paper or other refuse on streets, roadsides, public grounds, or the like.
little small in size. [10 definitions]
Little Bear the constellation Ursa Minor.
little by little in small amounts; gradually.
Little Dipper the constellation Ursa Minor.
little finger the finger farthest from the thumb; pinkie.
Little League in the United States, a baseball league for players at or under the age of twelve.
Little Rock the capital of Arkansas.
little slam in bridge, the winning of twelve of the thirteen tricks of a deal. (Cf. grand slam.)
little theater a small theater, producing experimental and usu. amateur drama. [2 definitions]
littoral of or relating to a shore, as of a lake, sea, or ocean. [2 definitions]