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Lohengrin in Germanic legend, a knight of the Holy Grail.
loin the part on either side of the spine between the lower ribs and the hipbone. [3 definitions]
loincloth a strip of cloth worn about the loins or hips.
loiter to linger, esp. in a public place, for little or no reason; stand around idly. [3 definitions]
loll to stand, lean, or lie in a lazy or relaxed manner; lounge. [3 definitions]
Lollard in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, a follower of the English religious reformer John Wycliffe.
lollipop a piece of hard candy attached to the end of a small stick.
lollygag to waste time in trivial or pointless activity or in inactivity.
Lombardy poplar a tall, very slender tree, with branches that curve sharply upward.
Lomé the seaport capital of Togo.
London the capital of England and the United Kingdom.
London broil a piece of beef, often from the flank, that is usu. marinated and broiled, and served in thin slices.
lone without companions; solitary. [3 definitions]
lonely without companionship; solitary. [3 definitions]
lonely heart a single person who is looking for companionship or a marriage partner.
lonely-hearts of or relating to single persons who are looking for companions or marriage partners.
loner one who stays alone much of the time, esp. by choice or inclination.
lonesome sad or depressed because of being isolated or without friends or companions. [3 definitions]
lone wolf (informal) a person who chooses to work or live alone; loner.
long1 of relatively great extent in distance or time. [11 definitions]
long2 to yearn or desire (often fol. by "for").