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lope of a horse or person, to trot or run gracefully and effortlessly with long steps, or to ride a horse at this gait. [3 definitions]
lop-eared having bent or drooping ears.
lopsided having one side or aspect that differs from the other in weight, size, or the like; unsymmetrical. [2 definitions]
loquacious given to talking much or excessively; garrulous. [2 definitions]
loquacity the quality or an instance of talking a great deal or excessively; talkativeness.
loquat a small evergreen tree of the rose family native to China and Japan, bearingfragrant white flowers and yellow, plumlike fruit. [2 definitions]
loran a navigational system that can determine the position of a ship or aircraft by measuring the time interval between pulsed radio signals from two known ground stations (acronym for "long range navigation").
lord a person who rules, esp. on the basis of property rights. [6 definitions]
Lord George Gordon Byron an English poet (b.1788--d.1824).
lordly befitting a lord; noble; grand. [2 definitions]
Lord of hosts God; Jehovah, esp. as the commander of the Israelite armies in the Old Testament.
lordosis the normal inward curvature of the cervical and lumbar regions of the spine. [3 definitions]
Lord's day Sunday; the Sabbath (prec. by "the").
lordship (often cap.) a title used in speaking to or referring to a lord, or, in Great Britain, to a judge (usu. prec. by "your" or "his"). [2 definitions]
Lord Spiritual a bishop or an archbishop who is a member of the British House of Lords. (Cf. Lord Temporal.)
Lord's Prayer a prayer that begins with the words "Our Father, who art in heaven," taught by Jesus Christ to his disciples.
Lord's Supper in the Bible, the Last Supper. [2 definitions]
Lord Temporal a member of the British House of Lords who is not a clergyman. (Cf. Lord Spiritual.)
lore1 that which is known or believed about a subject, esp. that transmitted by tradition, oral means, or obscure writings. [2 definitions]
lore2 the portion of a bird between its eye and beak, or an analogous portion of a fish or reptile.
Lorelei in Germanic legend, a siren of the Rhine whose singing lures sailors to shipwreck.