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Lord's day Sunday; the Sabbath (prec. by "the").
lordship (often cap.) a title used in speaking to or referring to a lord, or, in Great Britain, to a judge (usu. prec. by "your" or "his"). [2 definitions]
Lord Spiritual a bishop or an archbishop who is a member of the British House of Lords. (Cf. Lord Temporal.)
Lord's Prayer a prayer that begins with the words "Our Father, who art in heaven," taught by Jesus Christ to his disciples.
Lord's Supper in the Bible, the Last Supper. [2 definitions]
Lord Temporal a member of the British House of Lords who is not a clergyman. (Cf. Lord Spiritual.)
lore1 that which is known or believed about a subject, esp. that transmitted by tradition, oral means, or obscure writings. [2 definitions]
lore2 the portion of a bird between its eye and beak, or an analogous portion of a fish or reptile.
Lorelei in Germanic legend, a siren of the Rhine whose singing lures sailors to shipwreck.
lorgnette eyeglasses, such as opera glasses, that have a short handle by which one holds them in position.
loris any of several small nocturnal primates of southeastern Asia, having large eyes and woolly fur and living in trees.
lorn esp. in literature, deprived, abandoned, or forlorn.
lorry a low, sideless wagon drawn by horses. [3 definitions]
lory any of several small, brightly colored parrots of Australia and the East Indies with a fringed, brushlike tip of the tongue for feeding on soft fruits and fruit juices.
Los Angeles a seaport in southern California.
lose to no longer possess; be unable to find; misplace. [10 definitions]
lose one's balance to become unstable or fall.
lose one's shirt (informal) to lose all that one owns.
lose one's touch to lose one's special ability to do something.
loser a person or group that loses. [2 definitions]
lose track of to lose knowledge of or to no longer be able to find.