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lower2 to become dark or ominous, as the weather. [3 definitions]
Lower Carboniferous see "Mississippian."
lower-case of a letter of the alphabet, having a form smaller than and often different from the upper-case or capitalized form. [3 definitions]
lower case in printing, the tray containing the type for the smaller, noncapital letters. (Cf. upper case.)
lower class the socioeconomic class or classes below the middle class; working class; proletariat.
lowerclassman a freshman or sophomore in a high school or college; underclassman.
lower criticism textual criticism and examination of the Bible. (Cf. higher criticism.)
lower house (often cap.) in a bicameral legislature, the branch that is usu. more representative and has the larger number of members.
lowering dark and gloomy, as the weather. [2 definitions]
lowermost lower than all others; lowest.
lower world the habitation of the dead; nether world; underworld. [2 definitions]
low-fat containing relatively less fat than comparable foods, diets, or cooking styles.
low frequency any radio frequency between thirty and three hundred kilohertz per second.
Low German a subbranch of Germanic, other than High German, that includes English, Dutch, Flemish, and Frisian. (Cf. High German.) [2 definitions]
low-grade of inferior value or quality. [2 definitions]
low-impact of or relating to a form of physical exercise that puts minimal stress on the body, esp. upon the joints. [2 definitions]
low-key low in aggression or intensity; mild.
lowland land that is low in respect to the surrounding country.
Low Latin any form of nonclassical Latin, such as medieval Latin or Vulgar Latin.
lowlife (informal) a person of low social status. [2 definitions]
lowly low in position or manner of living. [4 definitions]