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low-cost not expensive; available at a low price or cost.
Low Countries the lowland region in northern Europe comprising the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg.
low-cut of a dress, blouse, or similar garment, cut so that the neck-line is low and some portion of the chest area of the wearer is not covered.
lowdown (informal) true and important information, esp. as opposed to what is apparent or popularly accepted (usu. prec. by the). [2 definitions]
lower1 to cause to move to a position below; let down. [9 definitions]
lower2 to become dark or ominous, as the weather. [3 definitions]
Lower Carboniferous see Mississippian.
lower-case of a letter of the alphabet, having a form smaller than and often different from the upper-case or capitalized form. [3 definitions]
lower case in printing, the tray containing the type for the smaller, noncapital letters. (Cf. upper case.)
lower class the socioeconomic class or classes below the middle class; working class; proletariat.
lowerclassman a freshman or sophomore in a high school or college; underclassman.
lower criticism textual criticism and examination of the Bible. (Cf. higher criticism.)
lower house (often cap.) in a bicameral legislature, the branch that is usu. more representative and has the larger number of members.
lowering dark and gloomy, as the weather. [2 definitions]
lowermost lower than all others; lowest.
lower world the habitation of the dead; nether world; underworld. [2 definitions]
low-fat containing relatively less fat than comparable foods, diets, or cooking styles.
low frequency any radio frequency between thirty and three hundred kilohertz per second.
Low German a subbranch of Germanic, other than High German, that includes English, Dutch, Flemish, and Frisian. (Cf. High German.) [2 definitions]
low-grade of inferior value or quality. [2 definitions]
low-impact of or relating to a form of physical exercise that puts minimal stress on the body, esp. upon the joints. [2 definitions]