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machicolation an opening in the floor of an overhanging gallery or parapet through which weapons such as rocks or boiling liquids can be dropped on attackers. [2 definitions]
machinate to invent, plot, scheme, or devise artfully, esp. with malicious intent.
machination scheming or plotting, esp. for a devious purpose. [2 definitions]
machine a man-made device, usu. driven by a motor or engine, with a system of interrelated parts that work together to perform a task. [5 definitions]
machineable combined form of machine.
machine gun an automatic gun that fires bullets in rapid succession as long as its trigger is pressed.
machine-gun to shoot at, wound, or kill with a machine gun.
machine language a computer language that presents information and instructions in symbols used directly by the computer with no translation.
machine pistol a light submachine gun.
machinery machines, collectively. [3 definitions]
machine shop a factory, section of a factory, or workshop in which machines are made or fixed. [2 definitions]
machine tool an automatic or semiautomatic power-driven tool, such as a punch press, lathe, or drill, used to cut or shape metal in the manufacturing of machines and machine parts.
machinist a person who is skilled in the operation, repair, or building of machines.
machinist's mate a petty officer trained to operate and repair ships' engines.
machismo masculinity as displayed in courage, assertiveness, and dominance, esp. over women.
Mach number (sometimes l.c.) the ratio of the speed of an object, or the flow of a fluid, to the speed that sound travels in the environment in which the object, or fluid, is moving; Mach.
macho embodying or demonstrating a conception of masculinity emphasizing strength, assertiveness, and dominance. [2 definitions]
Machu Picchu an extensive Inca ruin located in the Andes Mountains northwest of Cuzco, Peru.
Macintosh a series of personal computers sold by Apple.
Mackenzie River a river in Canada flowing from Great Slave Lake west and north toward the Arctic Ocean.
mackerel any of a number of related Atlantic food fish, esp. one with dark, wavy marks across the back and a silver underside. [2 definitions]