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macrophage a white blood cell that engulfs and digests microbes, cancer cells, and foreign substances.
macroscopic large enough to be seen by the unaided human eye. (Cf. microscopic.) [2 definitions]
macula a stain, discoloration, spot, or blotch, esp. on the skin.
macula lutea an area close to the center of the retina of the eye where vision is sharpest.
macumba a Brazilian religious cult that combines sorcery and the use of fetishes with elements of Christianity.
mad not of sound mind; temporarily deranged; insane, irrational, or maddened. [6 definitions]
Madagascar an island country in the Indian Ocean east of Mozambique.
madam (sometimes cap.) a woman, addressed politely or courteously. [2 definitions]
madame a married woman, addressed formally or courteously. (abbr.: Mme.)
mad as a hatter wildly impulsive or completely crazy.
madcap wild or reckless. [2 definitions]
mad cow disease a fatal disease that affects the nervous system of cattle; bovine spongiform encephalopathy.
madden to enrage or inflame. [3 definitions]
madder1 any of a number of perennial plants that bear yellow flowers and have a root that yields a red dye. [2 definitions]
madder2 comparative of "mad."
maddest superlative of "mad."
made past tense and past participle of make. [3 definitions]
made for suited for in all ways.
Madeira a group of Portuguese islands off the northwest African coast. [3 definitions]
madeleine a rich cakelike pastry baked in a small mold.
mademoiselle an unmarried woman, addressed courteously. (abbr.: Mlle.) [2 definitions]