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Maeander ancient name of the Menderes River which flows through western Turkey into the Aegean Sea.
maelstrom an exceptionally turbulent or powerful whirlpool. [2 definitions]
maenad (often cap.) in Greek mythology, a woman who takes part in the wild, orgiastic celebrations of Dionysus; bacchante. [2 definitions]
maestoso in a majestic, dignified, and stately manner (used as a musical direction).
maestro someone who is a brilliant or highly respected teacher, composer, or conductor of music. [2 definitions]
Mafia in the United States and elsewhere, a secretive criminal organization whose members are of Sicilian and Italian origin. [2 definitions]
Mafioso a supposed member of the Mafia.
magazine a periodical containing advertisements, photographs, and articles on various topics. [3 definitions]
Magdalene see Mary Magdalene.
mage a sorcerer or magician; magus.
magenta a purplish red color. [3 definitions]
maggot the sluglike larva of the fly and many other insects. [2 definitions]
Magi according to the New Testament, the three wise men from the East who followed a brilliant star to find the infant Jesus Christ and honor him with gifts. [2 definitions]
magic supernatural control of physical forces or events, as by spells or ritual actions. [6 definitions]
magical mysterious and charming. [2 definitions]
magician one skilled in magic, or one who performs tricks of illusion for entertainment. [2 definitions]
magic lantern an instrument formerly used to project and enlarge photographic slides.
magisterial of the nature of an intellectual master or authority such as a professor or scholar. [2 definitions]
magistracy the office, term, or jurisdiction of a magistrate. [2 definitions]
magistrate a public official who exercises a judicial or executive function, such as a mayor or justice of the peace.
maglev a high-speed train levitated and propelled over tracks by the interaction of magnets along the sides of a guideway and on the train's underside; magnetic levitation train.