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maintenance the act of maintaining or state of being maintained. [2 definitions]
maintop the platform positioned at the head of the mainmast on a square-rigged sailing vessel.
main-topmast the section of the mainmast on a sailing vessel that is positioned between the top and lower masts.
main-topsail the sail set above the mainsail on the main-topmast of a vessel.
main yard the lowest transverse spar or pole on the mainmast, used to set the mainsail on a sailing vessel.
mai tai a cocktail made with rum and fruit juices, and often garnished with fruit.
maître d' (informal) a headwaiter.
maître d'hôtel a steward or headwaiter, as of a restaurant, hotel, or club. [2 definitions]
maize see Indian corn. [3 definitions]
Maj. abbreviation of "Major," any one whose military rank is above captain and below lieutenant colonel.
majestic regal, imposing, or stately; of great dignity or grandness.
majesty the greatness, dignity, or power of a sovereign or sovereign being. [5 definitions]
majolica a kind of Italian pottery that is enameled and glazed with tin oxide, usu. highly colored and decorated.
major the military rank above captain and below lieutenant colonel. [6 definitions]
major-domo the chief steward or butler in a royal household.
majorette see drum majorette.
major general a U.S. military officer ranking below a lieutenant general and above a brigadier general.
majority the greater number or amount; a number or amount greater than half. [3 definitions]
major league either of the two highest-level leagues of professional baseball teams in the U.S. [2 definitions]
major-medical of, pertaining to, or being a type of health insurance providing coverage of most of the expenses of major illnesses or injuries.
major mode a piece of music, or part of one using the intervals of the major scale.