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mane the long hair on the back and sides of the neck, as on a horse or male lion.
manège the art of training and riding horses in the classical style. [3 definitions]
manes (often cap.) in ancient Rome, the souls of the dead, esp. of one's ancestors. [2 definitions]
maneuver a planned military movement, as of troops, ships, or tanks. [8 definitions]
maneuverable combined form of maneuver.
man Friday a male employee, aide, or assistant who faithfully attends to a variety of tasks.
manful having or showing qualities associated with manhood; staunch or brave.
manganese a chemical element that has twenty-five protons in each nucleus and that forms a dense, hard, grayish white metallic solid, used in the manufacture of steel or as an amethyst colorant in glass. (symbol: Mn)
manganite a gray or black mineral form of manganese oxide that is an important ore of manganese. [2 definitions]
mange any of various contagious skin diseases caused by parasitic mites, characterized by hair loss, itching, and skin eruptions, and affecting dogs and other mammals including humans.
mangel-wurzel a kind of large beet, grown esp. in Europe for feeding cattle.
manger a trough from which livestock feed.
mangle1 to damage severely or mutilate by cutting, crushing, or tearing apart. [2 definitions]
mangle2 a machine that presses cloth between heated rollers, used chiefly in commercial laundries for ironing linens. [2 definitions]
mango an elongated, smooth-skinned, yellow-orange edible fruit, or the tropical evergreen tree from which it comes.
mangosteen a small, tropical fruit with a thick reddish-purple rind and sweet, juicy, white segments. [2 definitions]
mangrove any of various related tropical evergreens that grow in masses along tidal shores, with roots that grow above ground in a densely interlaced thicket.
mangy having mange. [2 definitions]
manhandle to handle or treat roughly. [2 definitions]
Manhattan an island and borough in New York City. [2 definitions]
manhole a usu. covered opening large enough for a person, providing access to a sewer, boiler, or the like.