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manservant a male servant; valet.
mansion a large, imposing residence. [2 definitions]
man-sized (informal) large.
manslaughter unlawful but unpremeditated killing of a human being. (Cf. murder.)
manta any of various large rays common to tropical seas. [2 definitions]
mantel a frame, usu. decorative, around the sides and top of a fireplace. [2 definitions]
mantelet a short sleeveless cloak or cape.
mantelletta a sleeveless vestment worn by Roman Catholic cardinals, bishops, and the like.
mantelpiece an ornamental shelf that projects over a fireplace; mantel.
mantilla a decorative, usu. lace scarf that is draped from a high comb fixed in the hair and that covers the head and shoulders, worn by women in Latin America and Spain. [2 definitions]
mantis any of various related predatory insects having two pairs of walking legs and one pair of strong forelegs usu. upraised as if in prayer; praying mantis.
mantissa the decimal portion of a common logarithm.
mantle a full, sleeveless cloak. [9 definitions]
mantra a Hindu sacred formula to be spoken or sung in prayer.
manual of, pertaining to, or involving use of the hands. [5 definitions]
manual alphabet a set of hand signals representing the letters of the alphabet, used as a means of communication by and with deaf-mutes.
manual training specialized instruction given to develop dexterity of the hands, esp. for various arts and crafts such as woodcarving.
manufacture to make by machine, usu. in great quantities. [7 definitions]
manufacturer a company that makes things in large quantities, usually in a factory and using machines.
manufacturing the process or business of producing a large quantity of products, often from raw materials, using machines and human labor.
manumission a freeing from slavery, servitude, or bondage; emancipation.