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marbleize to color or mix with streaks and veins in imitation of real marble.
marbling a streaked or mottled pattern like that of marble. [3 definitions]
marc the pulp remaining from grapes, apples, or the like that have been pressed for juice. [3 definitions]
marcasite a common, light-colored mineral, chemically like pyrite but differing in crystalline structure. [2 definitions]
marcel a once-popular hairstyle consisting of deep, even waves put into the hair with a curling iron. [2 definitions]
Marcel Proust a French author (b.1871--d.1922).
March the third month of the Gregorian calendar year, having thirty-one days.
march to walk with a steady, regular stride, esp. in step with others. [10 definitions]
marchesa an Italian noblewoman, ranking with a marchioness, and just above a countess.
marchese an Italian nobleman, ranking with a marquis, and just above a count.
marching orders orders to leave or move on.
marchioness the wife or widow of a marquis. [2 definitions]
marchpane almond paste; marzipan.
Marco Polo a Venetian traveler in East Asia (b.1254?--d.1325?).
Marcus Aurelius a Stoic philosopher who was emperor of Rome in 161-180 A.D. (b.121--d.180 A.D.).
Mardi Gras the day before the beginning of Lent, celebrated by some Christians with elaborate merrymaking; Shrove Tuesday.
mare1 a mature female horse or horselike animal.
mare2 a large flat dark area on the moon or Mars.
mare's-nest something thought to be an incredible discovery that turns out to have been a hoax or delusion. [2 definitions]
mare's-tail a narrow, filmy, sweeping band of cirrus cloud that resembles a horse's tail blowing in the breeze. [2 definitions]
margarine a butter substitute made of hydrogenated vegetable oils, milk, coloring agents, and other ingredients; oleo.